I studied in a design school and what I have learnt has helped transformed the way I see the world.

It can be difficult to get people to believe in your vision and convince them to work with you if you’re a young and unknown designer. You want to push your craft as far as you can but fall short on resources to get a serious crew to complete that vision and launch your collection.

In the earlier part of my career as a fashion event manager, I’ve helped launched the very first batch of PARCO Next Next Fashion brands, including Coupe Cousu, max.tan & Possi-Tilly-Ty, many have now established themselves as respectable designers locally and abroad. Some common growing pains include working with professional models and finding the right stylist, make-up artist and photographer for their collection look-book.

I’m offering my time and expertise for emerging designers working on their first or second collection. You may write to me describing the idea behind your collection (including sketches or prototypes) and the vision for your brand. Do also mention if you’re familiar with casting professional models, and getting a great hairstylist and make-up artist. And of course, don’t forget to introduce yourself.

I’m most keen to explore interesting concepts that has never been done before and am most enthusiastic about working with fashion designers who are great team players. The greatest reward for me would be in the form of artistic achievement and the satisfaction of seeing a young designer grow.

Do note that on certain months of the year, I’m completely booked for assignments, so I may not be able to accede to all requests.